When the mirror reflects the one who haunts you.

It’s impossible.

You are him.
Your fingertips.
Your face shape.
Your irritability.
Your love of tricks.
Even in the way you sneeze.
He’s pumping through your veins.
He’s present in your nightmares and memories.
Even your birthdays are two days apart.

Then again,

The mirror is deceptive.

It is possible.

You are not him.
You love your fingernails.
Your high cheekbones rise with each smile.
You’ve learned how to become less agitated.
You’ve played enough tricks.
Allergy season comes and goes.
Your veins are pumping love and gratitude.
You focus on fond memories and the nightmares fade.
Your birthday passes and so will its triggers.

So you wonder how to escape?

The key to escaping is in your frame of mind.

This essay was inspired in response to a monthly theme (Escape) from Illuminate, a writing community from the Kindred Voice

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Photo by Яна Гурская on Unsplash

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