Dear Florence,

If I’m gone tomorrow, please continue your love and appreciation for art. Always make time for it. Do not push it aside. Let it be a part of your daily life.

It’s been a peaceful morning of watercoloring. Your love for drawing has been apparent for over a year now. I’ll never forget the first time you surprised us with a face on your new easel. You slowly add new features as your ability grows. You add limbs, smiles, and hair now. I haven’t made art as much as I wish to in the last decade. My preferred style is realism and I hope to show you my favorite portraits some day. Your ability at a young age astounds me. Lately, you’ve been making objects and places, bananas or the hospital with newborn Charlie. You’re exploring your talent and it’s neat to watch your progression.

I dreamt of having an artistic child one day. One to play pretend with. One to share my artistic eye with. One to share my appreciation for nature. One to share my love for colors and different elements of art. Your eyes are filled with imagination and appreciation for the beauty in the world. You point out when an object resembles a heart shape. You notice the sunset and enthusiastically call to me to watch it with you often. You pointed out the moon at age one. The look in your eyes was unforgettable. You love the rainbow. You know that yellow and blue make the color green. You try very hard to color inside the lines already. Your patient with your art. You frequently make creations for others. Today you made artwork for a teacher’s assistant. I can’t wait to watch you give it to her.

I hope no one ever stifles your creativity. I hope no one ever crushes your imagination. I hope you always feel free to create exactly how you want to or learn to enjoy your happy little accidents. I hope to sit and watch Bob Ross with you, like I spent hours with my grandma, another fellow artist. I hope one day we can sit and create pieces together. You have yet to see my ability. I make excuses. I let life get in the way. Today that stops. You have conjured up this beast I’ve pushed aside for too many years. After watching you this morning, I feel inspired to create. I’ve been writing daily for several months now and it feeds this beast but I’m craving something more. A new artistic outlet and am ready to jump back into my passion of making art. Thank you.

Daily prompt- Conjure


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