Dear Children,

If I’m gone tomorrow, please don’t learn your dance moves from me. 

To keep my sanity, we dance like fools. I am a terrible dancer but it doesn’t stop me from letting loose. As soon as I feel meltdowns beginning. As soon as I feel tensions rising. I flip the switch… to the record player.

Your Daddy has trouble with gift giving. He loves to give gifts. However, he wants to get the perfect gift. Typically he spends too much time thinking and not enough time shopping or creating. He proved me wrong last year, way wrong. He had me believing that he didn’t get me anything special for Christmas. He warned me over and over. This should have been a dead give away.

It’s Christmas morning, Flo and I came down the stairs to a mound of presents. There were huge boxes wrapped with my name and large numbers labled on the side of each box. They were in chronological order. This was to throw me off…it worked.

Each box contained a part for the record player. I made a pile, all the while very puzzled. The second to last box was the player itself so I knew it had something to do with a record player. I was starting to think he bought parts to build a record player in the future. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t play music immediately. Then I heard music playing (yay for casting to your phone). It still took a second to register all of this together. It was as if time was in slow motion. Or it was Flo’s 4 am wake up call. I unwrapped the final piece. It was the completed player sitting inside our vintage 1950s record player. He wrapped the parts boxes and put the old broken pieces inside each box to cleverly throw me off. I was pregnant with Charlie and of course, couldn’t stop grinning and crying all at the same time. Luckily, we had a nice collection of records already. We spent Christmas with music filling the house.

There’s something special about records. The music is dancing all around you. You can feel every note floating passed, with the occasional elbow bumping you or stepping on your toes. It’s as if the whole room is filled with dancing, musical notes.

Since it’s impractical to listen to records all day with you crazies on the loose, this thing has casting capabilities. It’s been a lifesaver in our house. It is by far the best present I’ve ever received. It gets used daily. You love watching records spin round and round. I wish your hands wouldn’t touch it though. The amount of hours and research he spent into this present is astonishing since we have zero time to ourselves.  What makes it most meaningful is that he knows music keeps us afloat. It was his way of contributing while away at work. If there’s one thing you remember about our household, it’s the days and nights spent dancing as a family. So far, Flo has the best dance moves. Dancing helps us let out the day’s frustrations, while keeping us laughing and having fun!

But if your dance moves aren’t the best, don’t worry about it, keep dancing anyway. Always let music (preferably records) into your life. It will calm you, excite you, re energize you. Keeping dancing the day away.  

Daily prompt- Dancing


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